Soft & Solution Services

Our company provides accurate analyses of the information and work processes. Our service package includes:•

  • Developing, implementing and maintaining systems and programs of information technology.•

  • Designing, building and maintaining in the field of telecommunication as WAN/LAN networks, security systems, websites etc.

  • Consulting services and professional trainings on information and telecommunication technologies.•

  • Designing, printing and releasing services as well as other typography products.•

  • Consultancy services and professional trainings in the field of law, economics, finance, accountability, public health and environment.•

  • Trade, import-export, supply, and installation services of electronic and audiovisual devices, technical telecommunication equipment, didactic, research and scientific laboratories, as well as industrial goods.•

  • Sale and purchase, maintenance and reparation of medical items and devices etc.•

  • Consulting services on hospital devices as well as other services regarding their maintenance and renovation.•

  • E-system on initial registration of properties, on database enhancement and updating.•

  • Web-based applications programming and development.•

  • Other services on organizing cultural, scientific and research activities as conferences, workshops, promotions, solemn ceremonies etc.