Different electronic devices for emergencies and medical clinics

Soft & Solution offer other services like providing different electronic devices for emergencies and medical clinics. Some of this devices are:

• Anesthesia

• Pulse Oximeter

• Defibrillator

• Electrosurgical devices

• Intensive Care Units

• Patient rooms

Anesthesia Devices: –

– Highly integrated equipment with specific architecture of vents and accessories. This anesthetic equipment provides high stability and delivers great performance that cannot be interfered even by magnetic resonance systems.

– With integrated AV˗S ventilator, easy to use, with volume control PSV, PCV, SIMV and SMMV, with oxygen direct valve and control button for maximal protection.

– Alarms for low oxygen and narcosis pressure, with manometers to monitor gas pressure and automatic regulators of gas pressure.

Electrosurgical Devices-

– With microprocessor control and membrane keyboard.

– Appropriate for applications on many disciplines by ensuring data memorizing on 4 independent sections of memory.

– Adjustable and high operating power from 1 to 50 Watt