If you are a high school or university student seeking on possibilities to start your career, or you are actually employed but need further professional advancement, then you are in the right place.We have partnerships with world-renowned manufacturers in order to provide trainings that will equip you with world-class knowledge and internationally recognized credentials assuring you to get ahead with your career.

Soft & Solution provides various trainings by professional instructors who have demonstrated expertise in different technology producers and are equipped with all the necessary skills required by teaching environment of the latest information technologies. Certifications prove that the instructors concerned have already achieved the highest standards of manufactures on teaching different training curricula.

Actually, we provide training programs on the following profiles of Information and Communication Technology which cover the today’s labor market requirements:

 Network engineer

 Software developer

 Web developer

 Smartphone application developer

 Network security experts

 IT assistant

 Database administrator

 System administrator

 ICT project manager